an owl a day

and also maybe sewing stuff

I totally forgot that I even called dibs on this thing three years ago April 5, 2013

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So I guess maybe I want to make a blog about my sewing stuff?  But then why shouldn’t I just post it on my LiveJournal?  I like my LiveJournal and I miss the golden age of LiveJournal and I should take advantage of a reason to do things on it, right?

I dunno.

P.S. I included this photo of a tiny dog with a large moustache because it looks weird if I don’t have a photo attached to each post, I guess?  And this was a photo that was on my computer at work.  So take that.

Maybe if I spend too much time looking at photos of tiny dogs with large moustaches, they’ll fire me and I can spend all day on my blog.  Blog blog blog blog.

P.P.S. Somebody (chrome?  WordPress?) wants me to spell moustache without the “o!”  Balls on that.