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my fifteenth owl June 13, 2013

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The flammulated owl.  Thanks to ScareCrow, I now know that “flammulated” means having flame-shaped markings.  I’m not really sure to what that refers, though.  Oh well!


my fourteenth owl June 11, 2013

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This is a Whiskered Screech Owl.

I learned recently that the ABA (American Birding Association) standard is to capitalize bird names.  So that when you say you saw a Yellow Warbler, people know you mean a legit Yellow Warbler and not just a warbler that is yellow.  Because most warblers have yellow bits.  I see yellow warblers ALL the damn time but not necessarily Yellow Warblers.  Y’know?  Anyway so now you know that the sketch above portrays a Whiskered Screech Owl and not just any ol’ noisy, moustachioed owl.


my twelfth and thirteenth owls

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This is an Elf Owl.

He is very tiny, I guess.  According to Wikipedia, “it is the world’s lightest owl. . . .  The mean body weight of this species is 1.4 oz.  These tiny owls are 4.9 to 5.7 inches long and have a wingspan of about 10.6 inches.”

And here is another Great Horned Owl:

I drew a Great Horned Owl on April 29th as well.  I wasn’t going to do repeats until I had drawn one of EVERY OWL ON EARTH but then this guy came up in my bird-a-day calendar so I drew him.  He looks as though he has something to say.  (I think he is also probably a dark morph.  My bird-a-day calendar doesn’t give very much trivial information though, so that’s just me spit-ballin’.)