an owl a day

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my tenth owl May 30, 2013

Filed under: owl du jour — geniusscientist @ 12:58 pm

The great gray owl.

When I was drawing this owl at home on Friday, I said it was a Great Gray Owl, and Chris said “great gray owl!” like an exclamation.  Like “sweet fancy Moses!”  Then like two minutes later he said “what kind of owl is it again?” and I said “a great gray owl” and he said “great gray owl!” in the same way.  And then said “I just said that, didn’t I?”

I only mention it because it’s such a Kerry thing to do.  Poor guy, I’m rubbing off on him in all the worst, dorkiest ways.

[I started writing this post on 5/14 and lost steam.  So here it is now.]


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