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my seventh owl May 2, 2013

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This the European eagle owl.

He’s a really cool-looking owl in real life.  Unfortunately, this picture doesn’t look anything like him.  Eh, whaddaya gonna do.

On Tuesday Chris and I took Indiana to the vet for her annual.  We didn’t both need to go, but I guess we wanted to go as a family or something.  She was pretty good.  She got to eat about a thousand treats.  She received compliments from the tech about how calm she is.  I wasn’t crazy about the tech (he took SO MANY tries to draw blood, and I was watching, and Indiana didn’t seem to mind/notice because Chris had treats in her face, but still, it was difficult to watch) but I adore our doctor, as I always have.  So if you need a vet in South Jersey, I recommend Dr. Chachkes at Winslow Animal Hospital.

After the vet and dinner I cleaned the inside of the fridge!  The whole thing!  I should probably do that more often than I do.  There wasn’t actually that much to throw out; it was mostly just taking everything out and cleaning the shelves and whatnot.  And I organized!  I put all the mustard together on the same little shelf, for example.  That won’t last very long, but was fun to do.  I like to be organized.

Chris fell asleep early on the couch (like, 9:30 or something) so I put on episodes of Project Runway that I need to catch up on.  Our DVR has been acting up lately but they were on On Demand!  We never go to that thing except for HBO so it’s nice to know that things are there.  Mad Men is there too which is good.  And it seems like they cut out most of the commercials — there were only two (2) commercial breaks in a 90 minute show, that’s pretty good.

Ugh that’s so boring to read about but whatever, it was exciting for me at the time.


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