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my eleventh owl May 30, 2013

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The spectacled owl.



The juvenile spectacled owl looks like an adult one in reverse.  So that’s neat.


May was super busy, but now the busy parts are over:  Lisa and Curt are married; Chris is now thirty; and Jeff and Stephanie have returned to California.
Commence the freak-out about moving.  It has many layers.  Many layers of freaking out.


my tenth owl

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The great gray owl.

When I was drawing this owl at home on Friday, I said it was a Great Gray Owl, and Chris said “great gray owl!” like an exclamation.  Like “sweet fancy Moses!”  Then like two minutes later he said “what kind of owl is it again?” and I said “a great gray owl” and he said “great gray owl!” in the same way.  And then said “I just said that, didn’t I?”

I only mention it because it’s such a Kerry thing to do.  Poor guy, I’m rubbing off on him in all the worst, dorkiest ways.

[I started writing this post on 5/14 and lost steam.  So here it is now.]


my ninth owl May 9, 2013

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This is a Northern long-eared owl.



I like this one. He looks most realistic so far, of all my owls.  It’s because of all the hatching.  I don’t really have the patience for that sort of thing, though?  I remember back in the day I’d read Kris Dresen (Calamity Jon’s friend) and her comics had SO much cross-hatching in them, she said they would take forever.  Of course I’m also only working with two pens and a mechanical pencil, just office stuff.  So clearly I’m at a disadvantage, and anything I do is therefore extra-awesome.


On Monday I had sewing class, and I gathered my skirt and attached it to the bodice and even put the zipper in!  I didn’t think I’d get all that done, but I did.  Lots of ladies were doing gathering that evening, it was a gathering coincidence.  I’m hoping to finish the dress tomorrow (Friday,) and then on Sunday, which is Mother’s Day, Lynn & Ralph are going to come over but Lynn said she didn’t mind if I did sewing.  So I’ll work on my petticoat and chat with her.  We haven’t seen them since they left for Florida in . . . January or February.  It will be good to see them.


See, now I thought that I had real actual things to say, you know?  Something to talk about, not just a dry boring run-down of what I did this week.  But now it’s been too long and I can’t remember.  Boo.


I haven’t been very productive at work lately, and it’s a circular rotating trap.  But then on Tuesday I drew that owl and it made me feel like I had done something.  And I mean it only takes me like five or ten minutes, but I just felt . . . I dunno.  Something.  So I’m going to keep on drawing these owls.


My life is about to get super-crazy.  Lisa’s Bachelorette is this weekend, plus also Mother’s Day, Monday I have sewing class and Tuesday I have a (legit) planning board meeting and then on Wednesday Jeff and Steph arrive!  And then it’s busybusybusy for the month of May.  New Star Trek movie, the wedding, going up to Hawley (if my boss allows me the time off,) Chris’s birthday BBQ.  It will be so great to see Jeff again.  And I’ll have to try to squeeze my regular life in when they’re doing other things.  I sure do like that he/they will use our home as a home base, though.  It’s nice to just . . . sit around and hang out, sometimes.  Not just at parties.
I shall draw another owl today.


my eighth owl May 8, 2013

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Phew, I’m a little behind!  Here’s a barn owl.  The owl that looks most (to me) like an alien.  Not so much in a “wow I can’t believe that animal lives on the planet that I live on” sense but in a legit, they look like little grey aliens sense.

I’ve been using these owls as an excuse to post boring journal entries, and now I’m way behind.  Let’s see if I can catch up:

On Wednesday I went to the Pour House to celebrate Sasi’s birthday.  It was fun and delicious, and I drank beers.  I drove by myself because Chris was playing Magic.  I listened to Animals on the way home.  I think that is probably the best album to listen to whilst driving at night.

(Oh, and on Wednesday both Gray and Curt said that they like my owls!  Hooray for non-Facebook-having friends that check Google+.  Thanks, guys!)

On Thursday I went to a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon.  This was kind of awesome because I was home by 3:30.  I read my book (2312, I’m liking it a whole lot) on the deck and then got sleepy so I laid down on the outside couch and took a nap.  Taking naps outside is one of my greatest pleasures in life.  Then dudes came over to play Polish Bowling Shoes.  I played whilst they needed a fourth (I am pretty terrible at it usually) and then bowed out as soon as I could.  I went to the front to plant my annuals in the ground — I was going to wait until after the professional landscaper dude came but they were looking, well, dead, so I planted them around the daffodils.  Then I watered them and watered some of the other annuals and one thing led to another and I ended up weeding most of the front slope, between the periwinkle that we had planted in the fall.  So I ended up being productive in that fashion, when my intent had been to be productive in a sewing-my-dress fashion.

See, this is why I shouldn’t leave these things for a whole week, because I have no idea what we did on Friday.  I guess maybe I worked on my dress and watched a whole lot of Deep Space Nine?  That’s possible.  (They’re doing a re-watch on and I’m going to try and keep up.)

Then on Saturday during the day . . . at first I was angry at Chris about something.  Once again it’s mostly a matter of communication, but I think I caught this one earlier than the last one.  So we had that little discussion.  It was a beautiful day and I wanted to be outside, but I also needed to make up for the dress-making that I didn’t do on Thursday and Friday.  I kept the winders open, though it’s not really the same thing.  Chris and his dad cut down a big-ass bough from a tree in the front yard.  That evening we went into Philly to the . . . uh, something.  Some sort of a fair.  They had part of South Street closed off and made into a Fußgängerzone.  We watched a band called . . . something Heat.  I thought it was Feet but then it turned out to be Heat.  They were good!  I was dancing!  They had a trumpet!  There were a gaggle of tiny kids dancing in the street behind me with bouncy balloons.  Those kids ruled.
Then we were summoned to Gray’s apartment.  It’s a studio and I tried to imagine Chris and Indiana and I living in a studio.  I think we could do it.  Then the whole gang appeared and we went out to eat at a Mexican place.  We were outside even though it was chilly.  I ordered tacos that were essentially big slabs of barely-cooked tuna on a soft taco, topped with an enormous slice of avacado.  THEY WERE FREAKING DELICIOUS.  Then Chris and I walked the thousand miles back to our car and went home.  My heels hurt.

The next day Chris got up and went to his hunting exam, and then to work.  In the meantime I worked on my dress.  I made a lot of progress!  I finished the bodice completely (buttons and everything) and sewed the skirt together.  When Chris got home we went to the first Hammonton Wine Festival.  Indiana wore a backpack and was a huge hit.  I bought and drank wine, and we saw Jess & Leah at their booth (and I bought another infinity scarf things for May for her birthday, shh don’t tell.)  I also had a delicious cheesesteak sandwich with broccoli rabe.


UGH this post is so BORING see this is why I have to do this more often, to spread out the boredom.


my seventh owl May 2, 2013

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This the European eagle owl.

He’s a really cool-looking owl in real life.  Unfortunately, this picture doesn’t look anything like him.  Eh, whaddaya gonna do.

On Tuesday Chris and I took Indiana to the vet for her annual.  We didn’t both need to go, but I guess we wanted to go as a family or something.  She was pretty good.  She got to eat about a thousand treats.  She received compliments from the tech about how calm she is.  I wasn’t crazy about the tech (he took SO MANY tries to draw blood, and I was watching, and Indiana didn’t seem to mind/notice because Chris had treats in her face, but still, it was difficult to watch) but I adore our doctor, as I always have.  So if you need a vet in South Jersey, I recommend Dr. Chachkes at Winslow Animal Hospital.

After the vet and dinner I cleaned the inside of the fridge!  The whole thing!  I should probably do that more often than I do.  There wasn’t actually that much to throw out; it was mostly just taking everything out and cleaning the shelves and whatnot.  And I organized!  I put all the mustard together on the same little shelf, for example.  That won’t last very long, but was fun to do.  I like to be organized.

Chris fell asleep early on the couch (like, 9:30 or something) so I put on episodes of Project Runway that I need to catch up on.  Our DVR has been acting up lately but they were on On Demand!  We never go to that thing except for HBO so it’s nice to know that things are there.  Mad Men is there too which is good.  And it seems like they cut out most of the commercials — there were only two (2) commercial breaks in a 90 minute show, that’s pretty good.

Ugh that’s so boring to read about but whatever, it was exciting for me at the time.