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my sixth owl April 30, 2013

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This is the burrowing owl.

He doesn’t have pants on.  I like birds that have pants on.  But the burrowing owl does not have pants, and I cannot put pants on him.

Yesterday I went to sewing class.  It’s held in the tiny community center that is located in the park that is situated directly next door to my house.  Therefore, it is quite convenient.

It’s run through the Gloucester Township Recreation Department.  (Going to a class that is held by the township recreation department makes me feel like a legit grown-up, for some reason.)  This is my second session; each session is eight weeks long.  For the first week or two there is a group project, which uses some technique or other that it is useful to learn.  This time we made a pot holder.  I learned a) how to use the little dongle on my sewing machine to quilt in a straight line, and b) how to make my own bias tape (for edging.)

Then you get to work on your own project for the rest of the session.  This time I’m working on a dress to wear to Lisa and Curt’s wedding.  I am prettttttty excited about it.  First I constructed it (most of the way) in cotton muslin to help ensure two things:  first, that the fit is correct; and second, that I would know all the techniques I’d need to complete it.

I finished the muslin version last week, and last night started working on the actual real fabric.  I am still pretttttty excited about it.  I definitely think I have time to finish it if I don’t fart around.  I also want to wear a petticoat with it; at some point I have to determine whether or not I’ll be able to make that myself as well.  I have a pattern and everything, but it’s a timing issue.  I have a whole list of things I want to get done before the wedding/Jeff & Steph arrive.  So we’ll see.


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