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my fifth owl April 30, 2013

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This a great horned owl.


I didn’t draw any owls over the weekend.

It was a good weekend, though!  Full of fun things and productive things also.  Those are my best kind of weekends because then I don’t feel guilty about them afterwards.

Friday after work Chris and went to shoot shotguns.  It’s only my second time shooting shotguns.  I like it a lot.  I’m not all that good at it yet, but I will get better.  We shot at clay pigeons.  Clay pigeons are as fragile as eggs!  It says so right on the box.

On Saturday we went to Ag-Field Day at Rutgers.  We met up with Meggers and Steve Glennon, and their tiny daughter Lucy, and their two dogs Cooper and Ruby.  Cooper is this ginormous golden retriever who has a lot of energy.  Ruby is this tiny, super-calm puppy.  She is SO cute and so quiet and unassuming.  Coop and Ruby got a lot of attention from people.  I felt a little badly for poor Indiana.  Usually she gets a lot of attention herself, but next to those two more “friendlier” looking dogs, she stood no chance.  Even Lucy wasn’t getting much attention from strangers, and she’s an actual human baby!

On our way out though, a lady accosted Indiana and put her face in my dog’s face about two seconds after meeting her.  Obvs a fellow pit owner.  That’s dangerous, though!  One shouldn’t do that.  Indiana is fine but you can’t do that to every dog.

I didn’t get kettle corn.  When we got there, the line was short but we didn’t have cash.  Later when we had cash the line was long; I waited for it to get shorter but then they ran out of corn.  I got cinnamon roasted almonds instead.  I ate the shit out of those almonds.

And we missed the World’s Largest Egg Toss!  We went to the NJ Folk Fest get food and when we got back it was all over.  I don’t think I’ve ever missed it before.

When we came home I put together the farm cart that Lynn and Ralph got me for my birthday.  Adam came over and I thought he and Chris were going to play Magic but Chris left the Flyers game on and sort of just fell asleep on the couch.  (Chris sleeps a lot.  He slept a lot at Ag Field Day too.)  I cut the fabric (the REAL fabric, not just muslin) for the dress that I’m making to wear to Curt and Lisa’s wedding.  Then I guess we went to bed?  I don’t know.

Sunday was the day we had agreed to work on stuff around the yard, so that’s what we did.  We emptied almost all of the compost piles; Chris wheelbarrow’d it out to the front and I spread it all in front of the foundations.  The landscaping dude who did our railroad ties in the fall is going to plant shrubs there.  All of those shrubs are purchased, and in pots; I watered them and put them on the porch to protect them from the sun.  (I used my farm cart, which worked out great.)  We dragged old rotted pallets out to the front curb.  (I used my farm cart for this as well.)  Then we went to Agway to pick up some supplies.  We got a bunch of annuals (Chris likes dahlias, I like marigolds) and I planted them in pots.  (We don’t really get enough sun anywhere, so we’ll get them going in pots, which we can move into the sun, and then when they’re established we can put them on the steps.)  I have some tiny purple things left over and once the landscaping dude does whatever he’s going to do, maybe I’ll put them in the ground somewhere.  Chris mowed the lawn.

Then Tony and Sasi came over to eat cheeseburgers and watch Game of Thrones.  I like those kids.  And they had just gotten engaged!  How exciting!  I am so legit super happy for them.  We’ll have to come back to Jersey for the wedding, since hopefully we’ll be living in California or something by the time that happens.


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