an owl a day

and also maybe sewing stuff

my second owl April 25, 2013

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Haha, this is turning out to be harder than I thought!

Behold the snowy owl.  I tried to include more detail in earlier drafts but they all looked terrible so I stuck to the basics.

I’m not sure if I should include that binder clip in the image so that you have a sense of scale, or if I should leave it out so that you don’t.

Yesterday I went to Collingswood to see a Mummers band perform.  They were good, but I was hoping they’d be a little more . . . modern.  Do some more familiar stuff.  It was still really nice though.  Lisa and Indiana and I went together, and we saw the Duffeys.  (Duffies?)

Indiana was great until she growled at a (n adorable) bull dog, and said bull dog’s companions got all up in arms about it, because I had just said that Indiana was super friendly and of course you can pet her!  She’s all growl (and only growlly towards dogs, never kids) but those people didn’t know that.  Ugh, I was slightly embarrassed.

Then I went home and worked on cleaning our office.  I was like “surely this is a one-evening project” but I spent 2.5 hours and all I did was organize our Important Documents.  I did completely empty a large plastic tub though, so that’s good I guess.  Recycled a whole armful of paper, and also shredded a bunch.  The goal is to clear out the office and set it up as a sewing room, just in time to sell the house.  Isn’t that always the way?


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