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my sixth owl April 30, 2013

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This is the burrowing owl.

He doesn’t have pants on.  I like birds that have pants on.  But the burrowing owl does not have pants, and I cannot put pants on him.

Yesterday I went to sewing class.  It’s held in the tiny community center that is located in the park that is situated directly next door to my house.  Therefore, it is quite convenient.

It’s run through the Gloucester Township Recreation Department.  (Going to a class that is held by the township recreation department makes me feel like a legit grown-up, for some reason.)  This is my second session; each session is eight weeks long.  For the first week or two there is a group project, which uses some technique or other that it is useful to learn.  This time we made a pot holder.  I learned a) how to use the little dongle on my sewing machine to quilt in a straight line, and b) how to make my own bias tape (for edging.)

Then you get to work on your own project for the rest of the session.  This time I’m working on a dress to wear to Lisa and Curt’s wedding.  I am prettttttty excited about it.  First I constructed it (most of the way) in cotton muslin to help ensure two things:  first, that the fit is correct; and second, that I would know all the techniques I’d need to complete it.

I finished the muslin version last week, and last night started working on the actual real fabric.  I am still pretttttty excited about it.  I definitely think I have time to finish it if I don’t fart around.  I also want to wear a petticoat with it; at some point I have to determine whether or not I’ll be able to make that myself as well.  I have a pattern and everything, but it’s a timing issue.  I have a whole list of things I want to get done before the wedding/Jeff & Steph arrive.  So we’ll see.


my fifth owl

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This a great horned owl.


I didn’t draw any owls over the weekend.

It was a good weekend, though!  Full of fun things and productive things also.  Those are my best kind of weekends because then I don’t feel guilty about them afterwards.

Friday after work Chris and went to shoot shotguns.  It’s only my second time shooting shotguns.  I like it a lot.  I’m not all that good at it yet, but I will get better.  We shot at clay pigeons.  Clay pigeons are as fragile as eggs!  It says so right on the box.

On Saturday we went to Ag-Field Day at Rutgers.  We met up with Meggers and Steve Glennon, and their tiny daughter Lucy, and their two dogs Cooper and Ruby.  Cooper is this ginormous golden retriever who has a lot of energy.  Ruby is this tiny, super-calm puppy.  She is SO cute and so quiet and unassuming.  Coop and Ruby got a lot of attention from people.  I felt a little badly for poor Indiana.  Usually she gets a lot of attention herself, but next to those two more “friendlier” looking dogs, she stood no chance.  Even Lucy wasn’t getting much attention from strangers, and she’s an actual human baby!

On our way out though, a lady accosted Indiana and put her face in my dog’s face about two seconds after meeting her.  Obvs a fellow pit owner.  That’s dangerous, though!  One shouldn’t do that.  Indiana is fine but you can’t do that to every dog.

I didn’t get kettle corn.  When we got there, the line was short but we didn’t have cash.  Later when we had cash the line was long; I waited for it to get shorter but then they ran out of corn.  I got cinnamon roasted almonds instead.  I ate the shit out of those almonds.

And we missed the World’s Largest Egg Toss!  We went to the NJ Folk Fest get food and when we got back it was all over.  I don’t think I’ve ever missed it before.

When we came home I put together the farm cart that Lynn and Ralph got me for my birthday.  Adam came over and I thought he and Chris were going to play Magic but Chris left the Flyers game on and sort of just fell asleep on the couch.  (Chris sleeps a lot.  He slept a lot at Ag Field Day too.)  I cut the fabric (the REAL fabric, not just muslin) for the dress that I’m making to wear to Curt and Lisa’s wedding.  Then I guess we went to bed?  I don’t know.

Sunday was the day we had agreed to work on stuff around the yard, so that’s what we did.  We emptied almost all of the compost piles; Chris wheelbarrow’d it out to the front and I spread it all in front of the foundations.  The landscaping dude who did our railroad ties in the fall is going to plant shrubs there.  All of those shrubs are purchased, and in pots; I watered them and put them on the porch to protect them from the sun.  (I used my farm cart, which worked out great.)  We dragged old rotted pallets out to the front curb.  (I used my farm cart for this as well.)  Then we went to Agway to pick up some supplies.  We got a bunch of annuals (Chris likes dahlias, I like marigolds) and I planted them in pots.  (We don’t really get enough sun anywhere, so we’ll get them going in pots, which we can move into the sun, and then when they’re established we can put them on the steps.)  I have some tiny purple things left over and once the landscaping dude does whatever he’s going to do, maybe I’ll put them in the ground somewhere.  Chris mowed the lawn.

Then Tony and Sasi came over to eat cheeseburgers and watch Game of Thrones.  I like those kids.  And they had just gotten engaged!  How exciting!  I am so legit super happy for them.  We’ll have to come back to Jersey for the wedding, since hopefully we’ll be living in California or something by the time that happens.


my fourth owl April 26, 2013

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Over on G+, Mandy Moon suggested a barred owl, so here one is:

I suppose that means I take requests/suggestions!

Barred owls are the ones that say “who cooks for you?  Who cooks for you-all?”  If anyone ever mentions a barred owl in my presence, I will immediately say those things.
Speaking of birds saying things, the white-throated sparrow (they have a little dot of yellow over their beak) has a call that goes something like “poor, Sam, Peabody Peabody Peabody Peabody!”  (In Canada they say “oh sweet Canada Canada Canada Canada!”)  Of course they aren’t REALLY saying those things, that’s just a mnemonic device to help people (human people) remember how the song goes.  But it’s really hard for me to separate the two.  We get a regular number of white-throated sparrows in our yard, and they started singing a few weeks ago.  There’s one who sits in a bush just outside our bedroom window and sings in the morning.  I like it a lot.  I especially like it because he sounds drunk.  Really, it’s just that his song is a tiny bit off of what the “standard” is — he’s not actually doing it incorrectly (I don’t think, though what do I know, I’m not a female white-throated sparrow) and if the mnemonic weren’t English words I probably wouldn’t notice, but it IS, so it SOUNDS that way, and it cracks me up every freaking day.  I love you, drunk white-throated sparrow!

Last night I went to see The Best of Both Worlds in the theater with Mitch and his work-buddy Austin.  It was great hanging out with Mitch at a bar, and it was great to see TNG on the big screen once again.  I was sure that they would show the first half of the episode, and then some special features, and then the second half — but they didn’t!  Which just goes to show you that people should never say that they are sure of something because they might not be.

Instead they showed a little piece on the episode itself (which several times talked about how it was THE BEST CLIFFHANGER IN TEEVEE HISTORY, except oh wait we’re not going to present it like that; no great pause after “Mister Worf, fire!” and allofasudden Beverly has totally different hair but whatever) and then they showed the episode and then was everyone’s favorite (I’m quite sure it’s everyone’s favorite, I mean it is mine,) the blooper reel.  And then there was a commercial for Season 4 and then it was over.

The theater was much more packed than last time!  I figured it would be though, I mean BoBW is a “fan favorite.”  I think it is THE fan favorite actually.  But yeah, the place was almost totally full!  That made me happy.  Hooray for Star Trek fans!

That’s it I guess.  Oh but PS these are turning out to be less like owl doodles and more like owl sketches.  (By the way whenever I say “owl doodles” it makes me think of owl poop except that it can’t  because as I’m sure everyone knows, owls don’t poop.  They hock up big mouse loogies.  Actually I have no idea if all owls do that or just the most famous kind.)  That’s okay though, I’m just going to roll with it for now, at least I have done it for four whole owls!  I’m am historically not very good at sticking with that sort of thing so I’ll take what I can get.  From myself.  P.P.S. I need to use some heavier linework.


my third owl April 25, 2013

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This is another one from my Hooters Calendar 2011 (August.)  I’m not sure what sort of owl he is, though.

Besides the angry sort, that is.

Edited to add that this is a Northern Saw-Whet owl.


my second owl

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Haha, this is turning out to be harder than I thought!

Behold the snowy owl.  I tried to include more detail in earlier drafts but they all looked terrible so I stuck to the basics.

I’m not sure if I should include that binder clip in the image so that you have a sense of scale, or if I should leave it out so that you don’t.

Yesterday I went to Collingswood to see a Mummers band perform.  They were good, but I was hoping they’d be a little more . . . modern.  Do some more familiar stuff.  It was still really nice though.  Lisa and Indiana and I went together, and we saw the Duffeys.  (Duffies?)

Indiana was great until she growled at a (n adorable) bull dog, and said bull dog’s companions got all up in arms about it, because I had just said that Indiana was super friendly and of course you can pet her!  She’s all growl (and only growlly towards dogs, never kids) but those people didn’t know that.  Ugh, I was slightly embarrassed.

Then I went home and worked on cleaning our office.  I was like “surely this is a one-evening project” but I spent 2.5 hours and all I did was organize our Important Documents.  I did completely empty a large plastic tub though, so that’s good I guess.  Recycled a whole armful of paper, and also shredded a bunch.  The goal is to clear out the office and set it up as a sewing room, just in time to sell the house.  Isn’t that always the way?


my first owl April 24, 2013

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I have decided that one thing that I will do on this blog is post owl doodles.  By which I mean, tiny pictures of owls that I drew myself.

The thing that I doodle now (and have been doodling for almost twenty years) is just a . . . shape.   And it fits in with itself sort of well but not really.  And I’m really good at drawing them now, but who cares, right?  It’s just a dumb little three-lobed shape.

But if I spend the next twenty years drawing an owl, I’ll probably get pretty good at that eventually, and being good at doodling an owl is something that other people will be envious of.

Anyway I started two days ago and already missed a day.  Here’s the 4/22/2013 owl.  I drew him by looking at a photograph of a real owl.  (A Western screech owl.)  I think I’m going to try to do that for a while and develop my own style before looking at other stylized owls.

Today the bird on my bird-a-day calendar is a snowy owl, so I’ll draw him today.


I totally forgot that I even called dibs on this thing three years ago April 5, 2013

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So I guess maybe I want to make a blog about my sewing stuff?  But then why shouldn’t I just post it on my LiveJournal?  I like my LiveJournal and I miss the golden age of LiveJournal and I should take advantage of a reason to do things on it, right?

I dunno.

P.S. I included this photo of a tiny dog with a large moustache because it looks weird if I don’t have a photo attached to each post, I guess?  And this was a photo that was on my computer at work.  So take that.

Maybe if I spend too much time looking at photos of tiny dogs with large moustaches, they’ll fire me and I can spend all day on my blog.  Blog blog blog blog.

P.P.S. Somebody (chrome?  WordPress?) wants me to spell moustache without the “o!”  Balls on that.